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Current Scientific Advisory Board

Why a scientific advisory board?

The Synthesis Center is an initiative for all paleontologists represented by a scientific board of international peers (PI Prof. Wolfgang Kiessling and Prof. M. Steinbauer) who decide on the strategic focus and synthesis workshop topics. The strategic expert body reflects a balance of young and more experienced scientists and has a much more equal gender balance than the overall subject.

This is our current board

Devapriya Chattopadhyay

ISER Pune, India

Associate Professor

Baran Karapunar

University of Leeds Germany

Research Fellow

Evelyn Kustatscher

LMU Munich, Germany – Lecturer

Naturmuseum Südtirol, Bozen, Italy – curator

Adriana Miranda Martinez

UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico

Lecturer & GeoXplora

Mark Patzkowsky

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA


Carl Simpson

University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Assistant professor

Rachel Warnock

FAU Erlangen, Germany


Wolfgang Kiessling

FAU Erlangen, Germany

Head of Dept. / Professor